Sunday, June 14, 2009

Guilin Rongshan Lake Scenic Area,Rongshanhu, China

Rongshan Lake Scenic Area (Rongshanhu Jingqu) is located in the center Guilin, Guangxi province. It is actually made by two lakes: the Rong Lake and the Shan Lake. The meaning of Rong Lake is Banyan Lake and the Shan Lake is Fir Lake.

Banyan Lake (Rong Hu) and Fir Lake (Shan Hu) are two beautiful lake parks. Banyan Lake is on the west side of Zhongshan Road and is named after the surrounding banyan trees, including an ancient banyan tree (800 years old) on its northern shore.

Fir Lake is to the east, south of Shanhu Bei Road. These two lakes were originally the southern section of the moat that protected the ancient city of Guilin. An ancient south gate to the city is on the northern shore of Banyan Lake.


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